We will happily accept returns for any unwanted items, as long as they are unopened, and unused, and sent back to us in the brand new condition that we supply them to you, within 28 days of receipt.  Items to be returned as unwanted must be done so at your cost.

Faulty Items

Please contact us as soon as possible to advise of a faulty item.  We will send out a replacement and a returns bag for the faulty item to be returned to us in, at no cost to you.

As with all products, there are a very small percentage of faulty balloons which obviously are impossible to detect until inflated.  Balloons are faulty for the following reason:

1.  Unable to inflate them due to the valve being faulty

2.  A hole in the balloon - this will be obvious as soon as the balloon is inflated, due to the pressure inside a balloon.  You will hear the air/gas coming out of the balloon.

3.  Very occasionally self sealing balloons may have a faulty valve which releases the air/gas slowly.  This however will be evident within a few hours, and can be checked by refilling the balloon successfully without locating any holes or damage which may have occurred since the first inflation.

Balloons can be affected Temperature - heat makes the gas/air expand and can rip a balloon, and cold makes the gas/air contract causing it to sink.  

Balloons do not just go pop!  Static build up on you and your surroundings is normally the cause of latex balloons popping so please be aware of this when inflating.  If a latex balloon is successfully inflated without there being any holes in the balloon, then the balloon is not faulty.

If you experience faulty balloons, please advise us as soon as you are aware and we will send out a returns bag for the items to come back to us in for exchange or refund.  These faulty balloons will then be sent to the manufacturer for inspection.

We will not refund without the items being returned to us, so please do not throw them in the bin and still expect a refund!  

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