Celebrate Chinese New Year in Style

Chinese New Year starts in 2018 on the 16th February - and this year is The Year of The Dog

Chinese New Year is also know as the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival, and the holiday marks the end of the coldest days.  People welcome spring and all that it brings - Planting & Harvest, New Beginnings & Fresh Starts

The festivities commence on 8th February with Little Year which continues until New Years Eve on 15th February.  Spring Festival Runs from 16th February until 26th February.  Preparations begin on 27th February for the Lantern Festival held on 2nd March.  Each year the lunar-solar depicts which zodiac animal will be represented - This year it is the Year of the dog.

There are specific traditions and activities for each day of the celebrations - these include memorial and prayer ceremonies, cleaning the house to sweep away bad luck and the giving and receiving of Red Envelopes.  It is a time for families & friends to come together and celebrate with special meals, fireworks & gift giving.  

To experience Chinese New Year in the UK, you could visit cities such as London, Newcastle or Manchester.... Or you can celebrate in your own home by throwing a party to bring your loved ones together.  If you need some tips on food, customs and most importantly how to avoid Chinese New Year Taboos we have found an amazing website which gives you all the information you need.

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